At a glance.

Read your opponents

Our free poker HUD allows you to gauge how good other players and their hands are.

Increase your profits

Playing without a HUD means leaving money on the table. Start collecting those extra chips with our poker HUD. 


easyPokerHUD requires minimal installation and setup. Even total beginners will find their way within seconds. 

Fast, faster, easyPokerHUD

The HUD is lightning fast. Our algorithms play easy on your CPU and RAM.

easyPokerHUD in action.

easyPokerHUD supports

Cash games

Cash games are easyPokerHUD’s core focus. Read your opponents and take control of the game.


It’s difficult to keep track of your opponents while multitabling. Let easyPokerHUD do the hard work. 

Special modes

Playing Spin & Go on PokerStars or Blast on 888 Poker? No worries, our free Poker HUD works for those as well.


Full feature list

Easy installation and setup!
Overlay showing VPIP
Overlay showing PFR
Overlay showing AFq
Overlay showing the number of hands
you played against this opponent
Permanent storage of statistics
All stakes supported
Supported games: Cash, Sit & Go, Spin & Go, Tournament
Supported game-sizes: All common table sizes (9max, 6max, 3max, heads up)
Supported poker room:PokerStars, 888 Poker
Supported operating system: Windows 10